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Dear Ella,

You're about as fun and likable a person as I've ever met in the business. So Thank you. And always let me know what you are doing.


Hal              ~Hal Hartley/Possible Films


*Thank you for showing up so prepared. It's really easy when actors know their lines forward and back. ~ John Chase writer/director


*Hi Ella, ...thank you and especially for being such a trooper on that very long day. you were wonderful. Ever back in chicago please reach out. Peace and hug. Sandro (Miller) photographer/director


....Are you kidding me, talented funny and sexy as hell? Stalk away ~ Jim Mendrinos  writer/director of Living in Exile


*You were fantastic! I just wanted to thank-you for your participation in the film. You've been totally supportive from the get-go and are a true team player.~ Troy Dane writer/director A Match Made In Hell 2


I know the set was hectic at times but you were super chill and fun to be around. ~ John Clouse- Betel


*Hi Ella,It was a pleasure working with you! Your features and talent created this imagery!   Best,Peter (Time Magazine photographer)






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