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Ex disgruntled hair stylist to the rich and famous. Trained actress. Layers waiting to be peeled...


I once lived in Vegas. IT WAS FANTASTIC!  I act, do stand -up comedy and LOVE writing! I have played the quirky bitter divorcee lead in the independent rom-com The Common Alligator , "Tracy" in Martin Scorsese's series Vinyl on HBO. A woman mourning her inability to have a child in Celebrity Ghost Stories, a "lover" in a French film, lead vampire in Night Life The Series, a psychologist in In Season,  Juliette Lewis's double in Future Relic for Daniel Arsham,  the "buttoned up" Mom in the pilot Getting In and just for fun... was a bikini girl in The Wolf Of Wall Street. I was on the cover of Time Magazine!

Height: 5’9”                       Hair: Brown                       Weight: 118lbs                       Eyes:Hazel 

Film/TV/Web                                    Role                                                    Director

Mikey                                                  Maria                                                  John Fortuna                                Finding Nora                                     Dr. Cross                                            Crystal Glass

Bae Or Bail                                        Bride Ghoul                                       Lauren Wohl (A&E)

Impractical Jokers                            Angry Woman                                   TruTV

Vinyl                                                   Tracy (principal)                                 Martin Scorsese (HBO)

Ned Rifle                                            Bartender                                           Hal Hartley

Celebrity Ghost Stories                   Mrs. Huestis (lead)                            Bio Channel

Living In Exile                                    Grace (principal)                                Jim Mendrinos

America's Got Talent 2015              Self -Comic                                         NBC

Sugar                                                  Inmate's Sister                                   Rose Troche

Betel                                                   Jill Bixby                                               Vincent Graziano

Night Life The TV Series                  Angeline (lead)                                   BK Coposky

Dinner Is Served                               Fox                                                      Yekaterina Minskova

Tales of Amish Horror                     Zook wife                                            Destination America

Getting In                                          Nancy Preston(supporting)              Sam Baden

The Common Alligator                    Elizabeth (lead)                                  Meghan Magner

Twisted Tales                                    Erika Showers (supporting)              Ray Gootz

Twins                                                  Sophie and Sabine (lead)                 Marty Gotlieb

Bloody Slumber Party                     Rose (supporting)                              Larry Rosen

Anywhere But Here                         Belle                                                     Larry Rosen

In Season                                          Dr. Josephine Bakker (lead)              Albert Shivers 

The Healer                                        Shelly Berman                                    Albert Shivers

Amour Et Turbulences                    Lover                                                    Alexandre Castagnetti

Flesh For The Beast                         Love Interest                                      Carl Morano

Comedy Time TV                              Self                                                       Eric Hanson



America's Got Talent Season 10  NY                           Big Al’s (stand-up) NV

Comic Strip Live (stand-up) NY                                    Bonkerz (feature stand-up)NV                                    The Rio (opener) NV

Las Vegas Hilton (stand-up) NV                                    Guilty Pleasures -Sketch And Improv Show NY

Women In Comedy Festival 2015 MA                          Ladies of Laughter 2014 NY

Gilda's (stand-up) NJ                                                       Bananas (stand-up) NJ





Paperless Post


T. Schrieber Studio                                                Acting Techniques : SusanPilar

On Camera Acting: Peter Miner                          Vocal Production: Page Clements

Acting: Clyde Baldo                                                Sit-com acting: Richard Kline

On camera hosting: Patricia Clark                       Improv: The PIT

Accent Training: Paul Liberti

Magazine covers

Time Magazine Oct.12, 2015 Breast Cancer issue

Special Skills: SCUBA, swimming, Cosmetology license (hair, skin and nails), driver’s license, stand-up comedy, worked on a pig farm and know all aspects of breeding, processing and feeding pigs; ballroom dancing, ballet, YogaFit certified, certified personal fitness trainer, sociology, taught English in Thailand.

On screen double for Juliette Lewis. Stand-in for Jaimie Alexander for Blind Spot NBC, Boston, Russian, Brooklyn/Bronx, Southern and Midwestern accents-Please ask for samples.

Local: NY, NV

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